Техническая документация Dallmeier DMX 8/16/32

Digital real time recording matrix

Complete CCTV system with 8, 16 or 32 channels

The DMX 8, DMX 16 and DMX 32 are Dallmeier electronic’s complete systems for full frame resolution and real time digital recording with a built-in matrix.

In addition to single-channel codecs, the package includes a convenient management system station with monitor and jog-shuttle as well as the necessary network components.

The digital real time recording matrix makes it extremely easy to construct security CCTV systems with high picture quality as required by airports, underground railways, casinos or high security buildings.

Each channel is designed to meet high demands and offers reliable security with top picture and sound quality in full resolution.



  • Multi channel real time recorder (audio and video)
  • Built-in digital audio/video matrix for live and playback modes
  • Complete digital CCTV system
  • PAL/NTSC resolution for storage and transmission
  • Up to 800 fps (DMX 32)
  • Integral management system (SeMSy)
  • Modular construction, cascadable
  • High reliability and availability
  • Jog-shuttle control








720 x 576

720 x 480


frame rate

6.25 fps

12.5 fps

25.0 fps

7.5 fps

15.0 fps

30.0 fps


GOP structure



bit rate

192, 224, 256, 384 Kbps


scan rate

32 KHz, 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz

Data formats


Video data rate

constant and variable

0.5 MBit/s – 16 MBit/s (MPEG-2)

Network protocol

RTP, UDP, TCP, IP, IGMP, ICMP, ARP, Unicast, Multicast

Video standards

MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-2, MP@ML

Audio standards

ISO/IEC 11172-2 (MPEG-1) Layer II

Multiplex standards

ISO/IEC 13818-2 (MPEG-2)

Software upgrade

Flash ROM, remote maintenance and updating via LAN


via LAN: Browser (WebConfig)

local: OSD


Video IN

NTSC or PAL; Composite (BNC) or Y/C (mini DIN 4)

Video OUT

NTSC or PAL; Composite (BNC) or Y/C (mini DIN 4)

Audio IN

1 x stereo input on 2 x chinch jack per channel

Audio OUT

1 x stereo output on 2 x chinch jack per channel

Alarm inputs

4 x alarm contacts, galvanically separated, inputs via WAGO terminal block

per channel


1 x RS-232, 9 pin D-SUB per channel

IR remote operation

multi-protocol compatible


2 x USB interfaces (1.1) per channel


10/100 Base-TX, automatic recognition, semi-duplex/full-duplex, RJ-45


S-PC 1200

processor 1200 MHz

operating system: Windows XP; HD 80 GB, 512 MB RAM



Ethernet switch

Cisco Catalyst 2950-12 (DMX-8), 2950-24 (DMX-16),



Power supply, power consumption, environmental conditions and weight: on request


DMX 8 19”cabinet

DMX 16 19”cabinet ­

DMX 32 19”cabinet

W 600 x H 800 x D 600 mm

W 600 x H 1400 x D 800 mm

W 600 x H 2000 x D 800 mm




mouse, manual, jog-shuttle, 17” TFT monitor, management software SeMSy light

OPTIONS (on request)


- expansion with additional channels (Audio-/Video inputs and outputs)

- cascading (switching across several DMX complete systems)

- redundant recording on a second hard disk in the system

- extended storage for up to 30 days recording (14 hours/day) (DIS-1/S)

- extended storage for up to 90 days recording (9.5 hours/day) (using DIS-1/L)

- integration of extra workstations

- supply without 19” cabinet and patch fields/terminal panels

- PTZ camera control

Description of the DMX system

Complete systems DMX 8, DMX 16 and DMX 32 provide the basis for professional monitoring solutions in the security field. They each include a built-in full frame resolution matrix with real time storage for each channel. All channels are modular, so that each can process a video and an audio signal as input (camera) and output (monitor).

Pictures can be recorded from any camera linked to the system and simultaneously switched to any linked monitor (composite or Y/C). This can be done very easily by the integrated and pre-installed management system (SeMSy light). Switching can be in live or playback mode. Recording continues uninterrupted while a recording is being replayed.

The jog-shuttle supplied is ideal for playback control since this reduces the search time to a few seconds. Other functions such as switching between live and playback can be called up quickly with pre-set keys.

DMX complete systems record directly into a built-in ring memory and thus ensure maximum availability of the recorded data. The recording capacity is set up for 7 days with 250 GB for each channel and can be expanded if required. The video data are processed in real time (25 fps) with full PAL /NTSC resolution (MPEG-2). The recorded data can be exported for archiving via the built-in DVD writer and reviewed with standard software.


Implementation of the DMX systems in large applications (DMX solutions)

Thanks to the modular construction, extensive CCTV systems can be implemented quickly using the DMX complete system. There is a tailored solution for each application field (casinos, airports, underground railways, production, industry, traffic, medicine etc.). Planning and setup are significantly simpler and more efficient than when using individual components because all DMX components are already precisely matched.

Sample project: metro system monitoring solution

A DMX 16 or a DMX 32 is used in each station. The control room is equipped with a DMX 8. All systems can be networked with each other to form a complete closed system. Depending on the station, 16/32 cameras feed into the system and their pictures are displayed on 8 monitors. Additional cameras and monitors can be linked up by cascading the DMX systems and exploiting the modular structure. Traditional sub-centre structures with analogue matrices are no longer required.


  • 8-32 independent real time video and audio channels
  • 8/16/32 video inputs and outputs
  • 8/16/32 audio inputs and outputs
  • 8/16/32 real time video storage with up to 7 days recording per channel in a ring memory
  • matrix function for live display:
    Each camera can be switched to any monitor
  • playback matrix:
    Each recording can be replayed on each monitor
  • easy operation using the SeMSy Light management system
  • convenient playback management using jog-shuttle
  • Linux security operating system on flash memory (DIS-1)
  • built-in DVD writer for export


  • time-shift playback on CVBS or Y/C monitor
  • variable playback control (playback forward/backwards; snapshot forward/backwards; fast forward/backwards up to 1024x)
  • variable recording control (permanent, contact controlled, timer controlled, motion controlled set for each individual channel)
  • data overlay on live display and playback (date, time, camera name)
  • ring memory for each camera
  • synchronisation on time server
  • switching of camera groups to monitor groups for live display and playback (synchronised replay start)

DMX systems can be integrated into higher level management systems using standardised interface technology (OPC). This allows the DMX system to operate as a sub-system in an overarching installation. It is also possible to use our software products PView, PGuard and SmartGUI.

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